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RUSH (1974)

Finding My Way ------- -- --- Yeah, oh yeah! Ooh, said I, I'm comin' out to get you. Ooh, sit down. I'm comin' out to find you. Ooh, yeah. Ooh yeah. Findin' my way! I've been gone so long I've lost count of the years. Well, I sang some sad songs, oh yes, and cried some bad tears. Look out! I'm comin'. Whoa, whoa. Look out! I'm comin'. Whoa, yeah. I'm runnin', finding my way back home. Oh yeah! Yeah, oh yeah! Ooh, said I, I'm comin' back to look for you. Ooh, sit down. I'm goin' by the back door. Ooh, yeah. Ooh yeah. Findin' my way! You've done me no right, but you've done me some wrong. Left me lonely each night while I sing my sad song. Look out! I'm comin'. Whoa, whoa. Look out! I'm comin'. Whoa, yeah. I'm runnin', findin' my way back home. I'm comin'. Ooh, babe, I said I'm runnin'. Whoa, babe, I said I'm comin' to get you, mama. Said I'm runnin'. Ooh, babe, I said I'm comin' for you, babe. I said I'm runnin'. Ooh yes, babe, I said I'm comin' to get you, babe. I said I'm comin'. Ooh, yeah. I'm findin', I'm findin' my way back home. Well, I've had it for now, livin' on the road. Ooh, yeah. Ooh, yeah. Findin' my way! Need Some Love ---- ---- ---- I'm runnin' here, I'm runnin' there. I'm lookin' for a girl. 'Cause there's nothin' I need, there's nothin' I want more in the whole wide world. Well, I need it quick and I need it now, before I start to fade away. That's why I'm searchin', that's why I'm lookin' each and ev'ry day. Oo, I need some love. I said I need some love! Oo yes, I need some love This feelin' I can't rise above. Yeah, yeah! Well I been hustlin' here, I been hustlin' there. I been searchin' for about a week. And I started feelin' this strange sensation. My knees are startin' gettin' weak. Well I need what keeps a young man alive; I'm sayin' I need it now. I'm gonna get the message across to you someway, somehow. Oo, I need some love. I said I need some love! Oo yes, I need some love This feelin' I can't rise above. Oo, yeah yeah! Take A Friend ---- - ------ Well, I'm lookin' at you, and I'm wond'rin' what you're gonna do. Looks like you got no friends, no one to stick with you till the end. Take yourself a friend. Kep 'em till the end. Whether woman or man, it makes you feel so good, so good. Yes, you think you're all right, and now you're lonely ev'ry night. Well, you need a friend, someone on whom you can always depend. Take yourself a friend. Kep 'em till the end. Whether woman or man, it makes you feel so good, so good. Yes, you need some advice. Well, let me put it to you nice. I said you need a friend, someone who'll stick with you to the end. Take yourself a friend. Kep 'em till the end. Whether woman or man, it makes you feel so good, so good. Here Again ---- ----- I said I played this song so many times before that the melody keeps repeating growing new ideas, flowing chords and notes like a mountain river bleeding. Well, I say as I look back, And all the thoughts I've had, They reflect just what I'm learning. Yes, you know that the hardest part, Yes, I say it is to stay on top, On top of a world forever churning. Well, you say you can laugh, But I can see that your eyes are glass. Well, do you see, can't you see, what I'm feeling? Yes, I've seen your face before. Why, I've seen it everywhere, Showing up to me without a scent revealing. Well, I said will it ever change? Will it stay the same? I'd surely like to know before it's over. Well, I said I played some. I said it won't be long, Won't be long before I stop and play it over. Oh, oh I've, I've seen your face before. Is it ever gonna, ever gonna change again? Oh, oh I've, I've been in one place too long. Is it ever gonna, ever gonna change again? What You're Doing ---- ------ ----- Well, I see you standin' there with your finger in the air. Ev'rything we do, you wanna leave it up to you. Who do you think you are? You think you are a star, try'n' to run the town, always try'n' to put us down. Well, you think that you're right. You think you're out of sight. Tell me something, mister; why'd you have to make us so uptight? Well, you say you've been try'n'. You know that you're ly'n'. I think you need some groovin'. Who do you think you're foolin' now? Well, you better start changin'. You life needs rearrangin'. You better do some talkin' or you better do some walkin' now. Yeah, you think that you're right. You think you're out of sight. Tell me something, mister; why'd you have to make us so uptight? I know what you're doing, all that you been doin' wrong. I don't know what you're feelin', oh, but you been feelin' long. Well, you think that you're right. Tell me something, mister; why'd you have to make us so uptight? In The Mood -- --- ---- Hey now, baby, well, I like your smile. Won't you come and talk to me. for a little while. Well, you're makin' me crazy, the way you roll them eyes. Won't you come and sit with me. I'll tell you all my lies. Hey baby, it's a quarter to eight. I feel I'm in the mood. Hey baby, the hour is late. I feel I've got to move. Well, hey now, baby, Don't you talk so fast. I'm just try'n' to make these good times, I'm try'n' to make it last. Ev'rything's getting hazy. Now honey, where'd you go? I just want to find out, baby, where'd you learn what you know? Hey baby, it's a quarter to eight. I feel I'm in the mood. Hey baby, the hour is late. I feel I've got to move. Well, hey now, baby, said, I like your style. You really got me, baby, way down deep inside. Oo, you drive me crazy. Baby, you're the one. I just want to rock-and-roll you woman, until the night is gone. Hey baby, it's a quarter to eight. I feel I'm in the mood. Hey baby, the hour is late. I feel I've got to move. Before And After ------ --- ----- Love won't see my comin' on a Sunday noon today. Still don't believe we're fadin', but now the world should wait. And now you're fina'lly list'nin' to what I have to say. Well, the time is right, and it is today. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe we could talk about it and try to get it straight. After all these years, baby, maybe it's too late. But I really need to have you by my side, And that's the only feelin', baby, I can't hide. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well you aren't list'nin', I ain't talkin', we ain't gettin' nowhere. I keep tryin' to get through to you baby. All you do is stare. I don't wanna see that. I need you by my side. Well, I don't want to be your lover. Babe, I wanna be your man. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, now my story's over, baby, and I ain't gonna tell it twice. Well, you better start list'nin', or get out of my life. Or you're gonna be left out, I said left out in the cold. Yeah, before you get my lovin',babe, you'll be too old. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I'm talkin' to you baby. Well, I said Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Working Man ------- --- I get up at seven, yeah, and I go to work at nine. I got no time for livin'. Yes, I'm workin' all the time. It seems to me I could live my life a lot better than I think I am. I guess that's why they call me, they call me the workin' man. They call me the workin' man. I guess that's what I am. I get home at five o'clock, and I take myself out a nice, cold beer. Always seem to be wond'rin' why there's nothin' goin' down here. It seems to me I could live my life a lot better than I think I am. I guess that's why they call me, they call me the workin' man. They call me the workin' man. I guess that's what I am. Well they call me the workin' man. I guess that's what I am.


Anthem ------ Know your place in life is where you want to be Don't let them tell you that you owe it all to me Keep on looking forward; no use in looking 'round Hold your head above the ground and they won't bring you down Anthem of the heart and anthem of the mind A funeral dirge for eyes gone blind We marvel after those who sought New wonders in the world, wonders in the world, Wonders in the world they wrought. Live for yourself -- there's no one else More worth living for Begging hands and bleeding hearts will Only cry out for more Well, I know they've always told you Selfishness was wrong Yet it was for me, not you, I Came to write this song Best I Can ---- - --- I've got a livin' that's rough, a future that's tough You know what I mean Blankers and boasters, all the bluffers and posers I'm not into that scene You can tell me that I got no class Look around, you'll see who's laughin' last Don't give me speeches 'cause they're oh so droll Leave me alone, let me rock and roll Got an itchin' to rock, a hate for small talk I'm funny that way Got my sights on the stars, won't get that far But I'll try anyway I just like to please, don't like to tease I'm easy like that Don't like long rests, I must confess I'm an impatient cat I do the best that I can I'm just what I am I do the best I can Well, I know what I am Rock and roll-in's a scream, makin' millions my dream Well, I do that a lot I'll just give it a try, won't let good times pass me by They're all I've got Beneath, Between And Behind -------- ------- --- ------ Ten score years ago, defeat the kingly foe A wondrous dream came into being Tame the trackless waste, no virgin land left chaste All shining eyes, but never seeing Beneath the noble birth Between the proudest words Behind the beauty, cracks appear Once, with heads held high They sang out to the sky Why do their shadows bow in fear? Watch the cities rise Another ship arrives Earth's melting pot and ever growing Fantastic dreams come true Inventing something new The greatest minds, and never knowing... The guns replace the plow, facades are tarnished now The principles have been betrayed The dreams's gone stale, but still, let hope prevail History's debt won't be repaid By-Tor And The Snow Dog ------ --- --- ---- --- The Tobes of Hades, lit by flickering torchlight The netherworld is gathered in the glare Prince By-Tor takes the cavern to the north light The sign of Eth is rising in the air. By-Tor, knight of darkness, Centurion of evil, devil's prince. Across the River Styx, out of the lamplight His nemesis is waiting at the gate The Snow Dog, ermine glowing in the damp night Coal-black eyes shimmering with hate. By-Tor and the Snow Dog Square for battle, let the fray begin. The battle's over and the dust is clearing Disciples of the Snow Dog sound the knell Rejoicing echoes as the dawn is nearing By-Tor in defeat retreats to Hell Snow Dog is victorious The land of the Overworld is saved again. Fly By Night --- -- ----- Airport scurry flurry faces Parade of passers by People going many places With a smile or just a sigh Waiting waiting pass the time Another cigarette Get in line - gate thirty-nine The time is not here yet Why try? I know why The feeling inside me says it's time I was gone Clear head, new life ahead I want to be king now not just one more pawn Fly by night, away from here Change my life again Fly by night goodbye my dear My ship isn't coming and I just can't pretend Moon rise, thoughtful eyes Staring back at me from the window beside No fright or hindsight Leaving behind that empty feeling inside Start a new chapter Find what I'm after It's changing every day The change of a season Is enough of a reason To want to get away Quiet and pensive My thoughts apprehensive The hours drift away Leaving my homeland Playing a lone hand My life begins today Making Memories ------ -------- There's a time for feelin' as good as we can The time is now, and there's no stoppin' us There's a time for livin' as high as we can Behind us you will only see our dust. You know we're havin' good days And we hope they're gonna last Our future still looks brighter than our past We feel no need to worry No reason to be sad Our mem'ries remind us, maybe road life's not so bad. Just keep smilin', move onward ev'ry day And try to keep our thoughts away from home We're trav'lin' around, no time to settle down And satisfy our wanderlust to roam. Well from sea to shining sea, and a hundred points between Still we go on diggin' ev'ry show The cities in the land all extend a welcome hand Till morning when it's time for us to go. Rivendell --------- Sunlight dances through the leaves Soft winds stir the sighing trees Lying in the warm grass Feel the sun upon your face Elfin songs and endless nights Sweet wine and soft relaxing lights Time will never touch you Here in this enchanted place You feel there's something calling you You're wanting to return To where the misty mountains rise and friendly fires burn A place you can escape the world Where the dark lord cannot go Peace of mind and sanctuary by loud water's flow I've traveled now for many miles It feels so good to see the smiles of Friends who never left your mind When you were far away From the golden light of coming dawn Till the twilight where the sun is gone We treasure ev'ry season And ev'ry passing day We feel the coming of a new day Darkness gives way to light a new way Stop here for a while until the world, The world calls you away Yet you know I've had the feeling Standing with my senses reeling This is the place to grow old till I reach my final day. In The End -- --- --- Well, I can see what you mean It just takes me longer And I can feel what you feel It just makes you stronger I know, I know, I know Oh, the feeling grows I see, I see, I see It's got to be You can take me for a little while You can take me, you can make me smile in the end Well, I can do what you do You just do it better And I can cry like you cry It just makes me sadder Well, I can shine like you shine It doesn't make me brighter But if I think like you think It don't make my load much lighter


Bastille Day -------- --- There's no bread, let them eat cake There's no end to what they'll take Flaunt the fruits of noble birth Wash the salt into the earth But they're marching to Bastille Day La guillotine will claim her bloody prize Free the dungeons of the innocent The king will kneel, and let his kingdom rise Bloodstained velvet, dirty lace Naked fear on every face See them bow their heads to die As we would bow as they rode by And we're marching to Bastille Day La guillotine will claim her bloody prize Sing, o choirs of cacophony The king has kneeled, to let his kingdom rise. Lessons taught but never learned All around us anger burns Guide the future by the past Long ago the mould was cast For they marched up to Bastille Day La guillotine -- claimed her bloody prize Hear the echoes of the centuries Power isn't all that money buys I Think I'm Going Bald - ----- --- ----- ---- I looked in the mirror today My eyes just didn't seem so bright I've lost a few more hairs I think I'm going bald I think I'm going bald Seems like only yesterday We would sit and talk of dreams all night Dreams of youth And simple truths Now we're so involved So involved with life Walk down vanity fair Memory lane everywhere Wall Street shuffles there Dressed in flowing hair Once we loved the flowers Now we ask the price of the land Once we would take water But now it must be wine Now we've been And now we've seen What price peace of mind Take a piece of my mind My life is slipping away I'm aging every day But even when I'm grey I'll still be grey my way Lakeside Park -------- ---- Midway hawkers calling Try your luck with me Merry-go-round wheezing The same old melody A thousand ten cent wonders Who could ask for more A pocketful of silver The key to heaven's door Lakeside Park Willows in the breeze Lakeside Park So many memories Laughing rides Midway lights Shining stars on summer nights Days of barefoot freedom Racing with the waves Nights of starlit secrets Crackling driftwood flames Drinking by the lighthouse Smoking on the pier Still we saw the magic Fading every year Everyone would gather On the twenty fourth of May Sitting in the sand To watch the fireworks display Dancing fires on the beach Singing songs together Though it's just a memory Some memories last forever The Necromancer --- ----------- I. Into Darkness As grey traces of dawn tinge the eastern sky, the three travelers, men of Willow Dale, emerge from the forest shadow. Fording the River Dawn, they turn south, journeying into the dark and forbidding lands of the Necromancer. Even now the intensity of his dread power can be felt, weakening the body and saddening the heart. Ultimately they will become empty, mindless spectres, stripped of will and soul. Only their thirst for freedom gives them hunger for vengeance... Silence shrouds the forest As the birds announce the dawn Three trav'llers ford the river And southward journey on The road is lined with peril The air is charged with fear The shadow of his nearness Weighs like iron tears II. Under the Shadow Shreds of black cloud loom in overcast skies. The Necromancer keeps watch with his magic prism eyes. He views all his lands and is already aware of the three helpless invaders trapped in his lair... Brooding in the tower Watching o'er his land Holding ev'ry creature Helplessly they stand Gaze into his prisms Knowing they are near Lead them to the dungeons Spectres numb with fear They bow defeated III. Return of the Prince Enter the Champion. Prince By-Tor appears to battle for freedom from chains of long years. The spell has been broken...the Dark Lands are bright, the Wraith of the Necromancer soars the night. Stealthily attacking By-Tor slays his foe The men are free to run now From labyrinths below The Wraith of Necromancer Shadows through the sky Another land to darken With evil prism eye... The Fountain Of Lamneth --- -------- -- ------- I. In the Valley I am born I am me I am new I am free Look at me I am young Sight unseen Life unsung My eyes have just been opened And they're open very wide Images around me Don't identify inside Just one blur I recognize The one that soothes and feeds My way of life is easy And as simple are my needs Yet my eyes are drawn toward The mountain in the east Fascinates and captivates Gives my heart no peace The mountain holds the sunrise In the prison of the night Till bursting forth from rocky chains The valley floods with light Living one long sunrise For to me all things are new I've never watched the sky grow pale Or strolled through fields of dew I do not know of dust to dust I live from breath to breath I live to climb that mountain to The Fountain of Lamneth II. Didacts and Narpets Listen... III. No One At the Bridge Crying back to consciousness The coldness grips my skin The sky is pitching violently Drawn by shrieking winds Seaspray blurs my vision Waves roll by so fast Save my ship of freedom I'm lashed helpless to the mast Call out for direction And there's no one there to steer Shout out for salvation But there's no one there to hear Cry out supplication For the maelstrom is near Scream out desperation But no one cares to hear Remembering when first I held The wheel in my own hands I took the helm so eagerly And sailed for distant lands But now the sea's too heavy And I just don't understand Why must my crew desert me When I need a guiding hand IV. Panacea The whiteness of confusion Is unfolding from my mind I stare around in wonder Have I left my life behind I catch the scent of ambergris And turn my head... surprised My gaze is caught and held And I am helpless, mesmerized Panacea -- liquid grace Oh let me touch your fragile face Enchantment falls around me And I know I cannot leave Here's a meaning for my life A shelter from the storm Pacify my troubles with Her body, soft and warm Naked in our unity A smile for every tear Gentle hands that promise me Comfort through the years Yet I know I must be gone Before the light of dawn Panacea -- passion pure I can't resist your gentle lure My heart will lie beside you And my wandering body grieves V. Bacchus Plateau Another endless day Silhouettes of grey Another glass of wine Drink with eyes that shine To days without that chill at morning Long nights time out of mind Draw another goblet From the cask of '43 Crimson misty memory Hazy glimpse of me Give me back my wonder -- I've something more to give I guess it doesn't matter -- There's not much more to live Another foggy dawn The mountain almost gone Another doubtful fear The road is not so clear My soul grows ever weary And the end is ever near VI. The Fountain Look... the mist is rising And the sun is peaking through See, the steps grow lighter As I reach their final few Hear, the dancing waters I must be drawing near Feel, my heart is pounding With embattled hope and fear Now, at last I fall before The Fountain of Lamneth I thought I would be singing But I'm tired... out of breath Many journeys end here But, the secret's told the same Life is just a candle And a dream must give it flame The key, the end, the answer Stripped of their disguise Still it's all confusion And tears spring to my eyes Though I've reached a signpost It's really not the end Like Old Sol behind the mountain I'll be coming up again... I'm in motion I am still I am crying I am still I'm together I'm apart I'm forever At the start Still... I am

2112 (1976)

2112 ---- I. Overture "And the meek shall inherit the earth." II. Temples of Syrinx ... "The massive grey walls of the Temples rise from the heart of every Federation city. I have always been awed by them, to think that every single facet of every life is regulated and directed from within! Our books, our music, our work and play are all looked after by the benevolent wisdom of the priests..." We've taken care of everything The words you hear the songs you sing The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes. It's one for all and all for one We work together common sons Never need to wonder how or why. We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx Our great computers fill the hallowed halls. We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx All the gifts of life are held within our walls. Look around this world we made Equality our stock in trade Come and join the Brotherhood of Man Oh what a nice contented world Let the banners be unfurled Hold the Red Star proudly high in hand. We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx Our great computers fill the hallowed halls. We are the Priests, of the Temples of Syrinx All the gifts of life are held within our walls. III. Discovery ... "Behind my beloved waterfall, in the little room that was hidden beneath the cave, I found it. I brushed away the dust of the years, and picked it up, holding it reverently in my hands. I had no idea what it might be, but it was beautiful" ... ... "I learned to lay my fingers across the wires, and to turn the keys to make them sound differently. As I struck the wires with my other hand, I produced my first harmonious sounds, and soon my own music! How different it could be from the music of the Temples! I can't wait to tell the priests about it! ..." What can this strange device be? When I touch it, it gives forth a sound It's got wires that vibrate and give music What can this thing be that I found? See how it sings like a sad heart And joyously screams out its pain Sounds that build high like a mountain Or notes that fall gently like rain. I can't wait to share this new wonder The people will all see its light Let them all make their own music The Priests praise my name on this night. IV. Presentation ... "In the sudden silence as I finished playing, I looked up to a circle of grim, expressionless faces. Father Brown rose to his feet, and his somnolent voice echoed throughout the silent Temple Hall." ... ... "Instead of the grateful joy that I expected, they were words of quiet rejection! Instead of praise, sullen dismissal. I watched in shock and horror as Father Brown ground my precious instrument to splinters beneath his feet..." I know it's most unusual To come before you so But I've found an ancient miracle I thought that you should know Listen to my music And hear what it can do There's something here as strong as life I know that it will reach you. Yes, we know it's nothing new It's just a waste of time We have no need for ancient ways The world is doing fine Another toy will help destroy The elder race of man Forget about your silly whim It doesn't fit the plan. I can't believe you're saying These things just can't be true Our world could use this beauty Just think what we might do. Listen to my music And hear what it can do There's something here as strong as life I know that it will reach you. Don't annoy us further We have our work to do. Just think about the average What use have they for you? Another toy will help destroy The elder race of man Forget about your silly whim It doesn't fit the plan. V. Oracle: The Dream ... "I guess it was a dream, but even now it all seems so vivid to me. Clearly yet I see the beckoning hand of the oracle as he stood at the summit of the staircase" ... ... "I see still the incredible beauty of the sculptured cities and the pure spirit of man revealed in the lives and works of this world. I was overwhelmed by both wonder and understanding as I saw a completely different way to life, a way that had been crushed by the Federation long ago. I saw now how meaningless life had become with the loss of all these things ..." I wandered home though the silent streets And fell into a fitful sleep Escape to realms beyond the night Dream can't you show me the light? I stand atop a spiral stair An oracle confronts me there He leads me on light years away Through astral nights, galactic days I see the works of gifted hands That grace this strange and wondrous land I see the hand of man arise With hungry mind and open eyes They left the planet long ago The elder race still learn and grow Their power grows with purpose strong To claim the home where they belong Home, to tear the Temples down... Home, to change.. VI. Soliloquy ... "I have not left this cave for days now, it has become my last refuge in my total despair. I have only the music of the waterfall to comfort me now. I can no longer live under the control of the Federation, but there is no other place to go. My last hope is that with my death I may pass into the world of my dream, and know peace at last." The sleep is still in my eyes The dream is still in my head I heave a sigh and sadly smile And lie a while in bed I wish that it might come to pass Not fade like all my dreams Just think of what my life might be In a world like I have seen I don't think I can carry on Carry on this cold and empty life Oh...noo. My spirits are low in the depths of despair My lifeblood spills over.. VII. The Grand Finale Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation We have assumed control. We have assumed control. We have assumed control. A Passage To Bangkok - ------- -- ------- Our first stop is in Bogota To check Colombian fields The natives smile and pass along A sample of their yield Sweet Jamaican pipe dreams Golden Acapulco nights Then Morocco, and the East, Fly by morning light We're on the train to Bangkok Aboard the Thailand Express We'll hit the stops along the way We only stop for the best Wreathed in smoke in Lebanon We burn the midnight oil The fragrance of Afghanistan Rewards a long day's toil Pulling into Katmandu Smoke rings fill the air Perfumed by a Nepal night The Express gets you there The Twilight Zone --- -------- ---- A pleasant faced man steps up to greet you He smiles and says he's pleased to meet you Beneath his hat the strangeness lies Take it off, he's got three eyes Truth is false and logic lost Now the fourth dimension is crossed You have entered the Twilight Zone Beyond this world strange things are known Use the key, unlock the door See what your fate might have in store Come explore your dreams' creation Enter this world of imagination Wake up lost in an empty town Wondering why no one else is around Look up to see a giant boy You've just become his brand new toy No escape, no place to hide Here where Time and Space collide Lessons ------- Sweet memories Flashing very quickly by Reminding me Giving me a reason why I know that My goal is more than a thought I'll be there When I teach what I've been taught You know we've told you before But you didn't hear us then So you still question why You didn't listen again Sweet memories I never thought it would be like this Reminding me Just how close I came to missing I know that This is the way for me to go You'll be there When you know what I know Tears ----- All of the seasons And all of the days All of the reasons Why I've felt this way So long So long Then lost in that feeling I looked in your eyes I noticed emotion And that you had cried For me I can see What would touch me deeper Tears that fall from eyes That only cry? Would it touch you deeper Than tears that fall from eyes That know why? A lifetime of questions Tears on your cheek I tasted the answers And my body was weak For you The truth Something For Nothing --------- --- ------- Waiting for the winds of change To sweep the clouds away Waiting for the rainbow's end To cast its gold your way Countless ways You pass the days Waiting for someone to call And turn your world around Looking for an answer to The question you have found Looking for An open door You don't get something for nothing You don't get freedom for free You won't get wise With the sleep still in your eyes No matter what your dreams might be What you own is your own kingdom What you do is your own glory What you love is your own power What you live is your own story In your head is the answer Let it guide you along Let your heart be the anchor And the beat of your own song



1977-1981:AFTK, H, PeW, MP, ESL